Saturday, October 24, 2009

i want to display to the world
a love that will show
how special u are
in a way no one could know

u're my true love my tears
my defender of strifes
my best friend my days beginning
u are my life..

Thursday, October 22, 2009



last week ak g sunway kunun nye nk g shopg roxy la coz de sale..
ttbe lak my sibling n my awisch ajak g tgk wyang.ak pon 4low jela dowg.dowg sume nk tgk papadom ak pon tgk jela.(xnk mghampakan hrapan adik ak 2)..hehe..
tp ble da tgk cte ni rse cm nk tgk 10x lg.cite ni mmg best gler2..rugi woo klu xtgk.
lwak harun salim bachik n afdlin wat ak gelak xabes2 cm nk pech prot,lm mse yg sme gak, cte ni wt ak tringat kt abah je..btapa bsarnye pengorbanan sorg ayah kt ank dye yg nkal sorg ni..hehe(sdey la plak)..
nyway congratz to Afdlin coz brjaye hasilkan film yg best ni, ak x rase rugi pon kua duit tgk Papadom kamu..

Monday, October 12, 2009

miss u so much..<3

baby im missin you,
what did i do to deserve this
i didnt even get one last kiss from you
oh baby god took your love from me
he needed an angel so it seems
i need to feel your hands all over me
i need to feel you kissing me
i need to feel you holding me
i need to feel your touch
because i miss your love so much and
i cant keep on living this way
i need you here with me
its hard for me to tell you i love you
why did you leave me why couldnt you just stay
because my world is nothing
without you now i dont know what to do
with myself i wouldve giving you anything
just to make you happy just to here you say
that you love me one last time
ive go hell a back over and over again
just to prove to you how much i need you here
there is nothing that i wouldnt do
i cry for i lie for u and theres no doubt
that if i could take your place in heaven
i would die for you yes i will
i would rather give up my life
than to see tears in your eyes
baby im missing you oh god damn it
i love you so..